Firechill Demoreel 2020

Ehrlich “Firechill” Ocampo – Circus Performer with Leviwand and Hoops

Circus Performer with Various Acts and Skills
– UNIQUE Leviwand Act – Double Leviwand, Acrobatic Leviwand Dance, Levihoop
– Hula Hoop Act – Dynamic Circus Style Hula Hoop upto 6 hoops
– Fire Poi Spinning, Dance, Acrobatics

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At the crossroads of circus and magic, Ehrlich combines artistry, acrobatics, object manipulation, and theatrics to create stunning performances with maximum entertainment value and impact.

Various video clips thanks to:
– Cirque du Soleil At Sea, MSC Bellissima (Pipsa Ilpala, Solomon Solgit)
– Okada Manila Resort and Casino (Entertainment Team, Ms. Livia, Sir Giulio)
– Philippine Aerial Cup (Ms. Jamaica Jornacion)
– Laya Studios (Box Seblario)
– Kel Fausto
– Psycusix, Bendy Elle
– Michelle Callo
– Star Ore

All leviwands and hoops in this video are from
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Royalty Free Music from YouTube Studio:
Fly High by Jeremy Black